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April 19th, 2010Posted by Zazen Admin

Dear Client,

I am one of this people who had the marvelous opportunity to get in touch with different places at a few corners around this world. I grew up in Brazil, in a small town called Niterói, sunny, hot and humid by the coast, or cool at the cliffs, much rain like any tropics, evergreen and fun people!  There, I graduated as a Marine Biologist. After graduation I left to work far away from my hometown, at state situated on the north side of Brazil at a small Island-like-place called “Ilhéus”, but as the years passed by, I missed action. One day packed the little I had and leaving this heritage behind, I left to travel in Africa. My aim was simple: adventure.

At a later stage, I got visit Asia, North America and Europe and through the natural course of life later I settled in South Africa, a place of natural beauty, diverse people and such blue-bright days!

The few years of traveling spent between work and some adventure provided the opportunity to know different types of accommodation, resulting in experience as a guest. In my experience as a guest I would say the most memorable was that compact emptiness – neat style – from the Japanese guest houses as well the African unspoiled getaway cabins, both indeed with a touch of sophistication yet simple. To me two styles were impressive because of their, economical, straight forward, earthy and yet comfortable.

From the Japanese and African accommodation I learned a few good hints and so when I was busy planning the interior of the ZaZen Studio, I intuitively tried my best to remember a few principles from the Japanese-African concept of living. Such as constantly making an effort to raise awareness to use what is sustainable as a resource. Taking in consideration that we are in a time where our planet is in crises it was a good time to implement a project providing economic accommodation, although preserving the taste for cotton fabrics, some art, silk and a few electronics from the modern era!  The Japanese concept has reminded to me to utilize the physical space of the Studio in a wise way, preserving serenity and harmony (Zen) in addition to the African style from which much pine and reed was added (indigenous).

At the time while planning and then building I had the help of a few contractors and staff members. My family also got involved and the closest to me were my mother, my friend Andi and my beloved partner Anton. On the other side there were my canine friends barking and making the days of hard work fun. Cici our little Chihuahua, such a trouble maker, Mickey often chasing the birds and Amiga my adorable German Shepherd. A kind, at the time retired bitch from many years as a companion and alert pet. A canine friend with whom I shared moments and many days spent together under the African sun and rain working at the Nature Reserve. We enjoyed that type of harmony that I miss so much since she passed away in January…

Here are some pictures of – us-… hope to see you soon!


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